Thursday, July 4, 2013

Triple O's by White Spot!

No Kidding. This is a 'Must Eat' fast food joint on burgers! It is gourmet!

Freshly-made burgers that come in bigger, tastier meat patties than Carls Jr. And soft, substantial buns that easily comforted us who were missing those firm bites into Japan's Freshness Burger - who left our shores last year.

Chunky fries that were chipped directly from potatoes, were served with its skins fixed; and tasted as satisfying as any fluffy potato wedges! This is Triple O's, who beat both Carl's and Freshness in terms of food portions and pricing.

Spicy Chicken Crunch Combo ($9.90)

We love their Spicy Chicken that isn't overwhelmingly hot, just a little spiciness you faintly detect. The poultry is moist and tender within while it was expertly fried and finished with crisp, flavorsome side-burns by their chief chef from France!

Chicken Supreme Combo ($9.90)

The lightly grilled Brazil Chicken breast of the Chicken Supreme is mind-blowing! It would be best to describe it... ... ... as... ... ... very firm, tender fish fillet! Yes, "Fish". You heard right. It is amazing!

Triple O's Original Burger Combo ($9.90)

While Triple boosts of using 4 ounces of 100% fresh Canadian beef for each of their beef patty; we stay unimpressed. It does not taste dry but it lacks the flavor of beef, or a steak. 

Is that considered good? Because it's really fresh beef, and therefore has no beef taste? If you had tasted it, tell us.

Chicken Strips Combo, 5 strips ($9.90)

Then we did a takeaway for their fried chicken strips which were recommended. 

If you love breast meat, this is really nice with the right amount of seasoning. We like it both ways - without dipping sauce, or with their smoky BBQ sauce and honey mustard mayo!

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