Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nokia Lumia - a Window Phone

Nokia Lumia 520

Call it a withdrawn symptom; i got sick of big screen phablets and customize-focused Android. It feels not cool anymore. Just when everybody is all hype about - with the hottest production going as large as 6.3" mega screen to go against your cheeks... I'm back to purist mode.

Give me a simple Smartphone to maintain contact; need no games, videos, too much optional Apps. Yes, to music. And it must be energy efficient. I like the Nokia Lumia 520, the lowest range of the Lumia. Cheap and good. Responsive. Especially cool is its flipping picture tiles!

When everybody is proudly lugging about a phone - which doesn't fit into their pockets and barely their palms, i am happy with my small, lightweight equipment. Call me. I have it on me.


Rahul said...

its Nice phone, camera awesome, battery also good, games also good, temple run its working smoothly and lot of other games also there, my rating for this phone 8 for out of 10,
bad thing only screen scratches , we will take care about screen, put it good screen guard, its good

Ramiro said...