Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ply Baked Goods - Lesser fine baked goods

Mango Jivara ($33, 500gm)
A layer of mango mousse with generous amount of fresh mango chunks sandwiched between
moist chocolate sponge and creamy milk chocolate mousse, finished off with mango glaze. 

Ric met some haughty service at Ply Baked Goods when he went to pick up our order of cakes from their shop at Soo Chow Walk. It is a bakery like no others - you don't detect any traces of baking aroma at this shop? Eerie. Customer service is unfriendly and un-smiley, with the counter lady refusing our request to help slice up the cakes for easy serving at home.

Such arrogance can be overlooked if they have the stuff to be haughty, but it proved to be just good money wasted on lousy food. While i'm still puzzling over their business strategy - why open a shop that sells over-priced cakes; unless you plan to do just one-time business?

Their sponge cakes are thinly airy and the cheese cake crumbly; probably had just input of 50% real cheese? It tasted more like weak Japanese cheese cakes than the rich American version; but looked like one with the addition of a thick crust base.

This procurement is a mistake; even with a 50% discount throw in by Groupon.

Blueberry Cheesecake, 8" round ($42 per kg)
Rich and creamy baked cream cheese with swirls of blueberries filling with sweet dough crust base.

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