Friday, June 7, 2013

Innisfree Face Mask, Korea

Innisfree Sheet Mask, 20ml (Manuka Honey, Bamboo, Adlay, Green Tea, Olive)

And so, i survived my first work week!!! HIPPeeeeeee! No kidding.

Badly deserving of rewarding myself, i had on the prized Innisfree Manuka Honey face mask that was brought over by friend from her work trip to Korea. And it felt real pampering... ahhhhhh...

Unlike most face mask that comes with nice sweet scent, i was puzzled that this one smells unnatural, albeit very lightly. The thicker paper is of good quality that makes it easy to put on, to re-arrange and adjust the fit.

Innisfree face mask is achieving as much as its counterpart, the Faceshop. It is also less overwhelmingly 'sticky', which gave me a piece of mind, not having to worry about creaming my pillow cases when i slept my face on it. Apart from its fragrant, i like this facial sheet.

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