Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pokka's Tea Legend

Premium Milk Tea, 250ml ($3.45 for 6s), Premium Red Tea, 250ml ($2.60 for 6s)

First time we had the Premium Afternoon Straight Red Tea from Pokka was like last December. It was a rather gratifying experience. We took a sip then, and i went, "Mmmmmm... ... ... ...!" It is really nice. The brew has a delectable flavor and is suitably sweetened. 2 cartons were purchased and we were encouraged to take on their premium milk tea.

The milk tea is absolutely charming when you serve it chilled, and is guaranteed to quench any craving for that expensive cup of Taiwan pearl milk tea. So we took on another carton.

We have been taking Pokka's Chrysanthemum White Tea and chanced on the recent discovery of their Oolong Tea. The sugarless Oolong tasted surprisingly welcoming and goes a long way in thirst quenching - it is definitely a champ in the world of packed tea drinks.

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