Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pies & Coffee

Chicken Cheddar, Lamb Shank ($8.95+ per set)

Late lunch at Pies and Coffee probably had their duck confit sold out on us; we were left with their premium lamb shank and wagyu beef cheek pies. With the chicken cheddar being less cheesy wet than i had hoped and a muttony lamb shank; your safest bet would probably be the Wagyu beef cheek.

A discounted food trial with the Deal voucher, our pie set today includes a coffee or tea at just $7.90.

Long Black ($4+)

So while the food wasn't mind-blowing, the sight and aroma of the cup-staining coffee got us excited. Looking to the serving counter for clues, we saw large packets of Arabica beans from renowned Toby's Estate!

Toby's second blend, the Woolloomooloo is being brew, and it is truly excellent - rich, heavy body with a long finish. We had only wished, the added milk doesn't cool our coffee so much...

Wagyu Beef Cheek ($8.95+)

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