Friday, April 5, 2013

成发, Seng Huat Hokkien Bee Hoon

Much has been written about the Seng Huat noodle stall on the internet; so we had to come see for ourselves at the Pasir Panjang Food Centre. Earlier, Ric had their fried noodles and rated it mediocre, tonight he led me to their crown jewel - the Hokkien fried vermicelli.

After an ordeal of pushy attitude from the hawker auntie for our miser order of just 1 plate from them, our order arrived without accident. Thankfully.

Hokkien Bee Hoon ($4)

Having a craving for something wet and savory like our usual serving of Hokkien Mee, this plate of Hokkien Bee Hoon has much disparity that led to some disappointment, initially.

As we proceed, i learnt to appreciate the art of simplicity behind - though lightly flavored, it eludes distinct fragrance of well sauteed rice vermicelli in a dry, less oily finish. A level of expertise that is rare among the average hawkers.

Given the hawker's snobbishness; i hate to admit the job well done.

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