Wednesday, April 17, 2013

119 Fish Soup, Aljunied Crescent

Fish Porridge ($3)

Our second attempt to have the famous Ng Soon Kee Fish Soup, but were once again turned away by the hawker citing the long waiting time for us. So what shall we do when the day's craving is for some steamy hot soup?

Well, there's actually another popular but lesser known fish soup stall just round the corner, at the adjacent coffeeshop, Blk 119 Aljunied Crescent where the good Shi Wei Xiang HK dim sum is. During this lunch hour, almost every table order the fish soup and there is quite a wait too.

Fish Soup Bee Hoon ($3)

The stall offers only plain rice, porridge or fine vermicelli to go with; whilst we acknowledged the fish broth as being one of the better ones we had. At its counter front, tall heap of fish meat piled under freezing ice blocks promises the freshness of stock and their whopping sales.

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