Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fig & Olive Mediterranean

Classic Chicken BBQ Pasta ($15.90++)
Herb grilled chicken topped with homemade Figo bbq sauce, fresh vegetable with pasta and tomato sauce. 

We knew Fig and Olive isn't an impressive Mediterranean cafe to start with; well aware that serious Mediterranean cuisine is pricey, considering that some of its ingredients carry higher cost with the expertise that goes into preparing them.

Fig & Olive played it safe by designing affordable meals through incorporating popular pasta and common western dishes in their design of food menu - and it become distasteful. The inconstancy and clumsy fusion unlined the fact that certain flavors doesn't come together; individually served, the casual food is palatable.

There are real Mediterranean offerings of kebabs, hummus, tortilla bread, salsa, grilled lamb, beef skewer and olive rice on their menu; maybe these are the better ones?

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