Monday, November 26, 2012

The Help (2011)

Ailileen, the domestic help listened on as her employee made racist remarks openly.

Living in our modern society, historic relationship between the Blacks and Whites during the Civil Rights era (America, early 1960s) felt like unreal reality. Over my growing up years, i've seen several 'slave films' but none nailed the discrimination quite as plainly, real and direct - with examples taken from normal homes in the communities.

It is baffling to note that while the Whites found it detestable to use the same toilet, drink from the same water fountain as the Blacks, they enjoyed being served hand and foot by them. Eating food prepared and having their children dressed and fed by the Blacks? There were such clear contradictions. 

Typically, such film is a tear-jerker but The Help was entertaining and engaging with light moments of levity for a dramatic relief. I was attuned to the subject matter and really enjoyed the movie.

Maybe it trivializes the extent of the actual discrimination and injustices without mentioning the common cases of sexual harassment, but the film was sufficed to set you thinking.

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