Wednesday, September 26, 2012

强记, Kiang Kee Bak Kut Tea

Batu 8 1/2, Jalan Mawai, Kota Tinggi. 81900 Johor.
Operating Hour: 7.30 am to 12 pm (or untill sold out) Tel : +607 8821290

This was a 2hrs trip from Singapore. And after hitting 5 toll stations we finally arrived at the all famous BKT stall in JB that Singaporeans flocked to every weekend, or so we were told. It must be good? Considering the long journey!

"Ok lah. If you fancy thick black BKT soup." Our Malaysian friend laughed.

Nonetheless, it is an eye-opener. Whilst driving along the main road from Kota Tinggi to Mersing, do drop in when you spotted this open space on your RIGHT - the Kiang Kee signboard (with 100 Plus print) standing with 3 longitudinal attap roofing.

Arriving here past the 12 o'clock mark was considered late; many items were sold out. We placed order for whatever we could lay hands on while the server filled the claypot before heating it up on fierce charcoal fire.

Menu and pricing were clearly displayed; so tourists don worry kenna chop lah :)

Our meal for 4 Pax (RM $70)

Chinese Tea

Within 10 mins, we were served our RM$70 portion which includes a pot of Chinese Tea. The tea was light and fragrant; just make sure the tea leaves wasn't overly brew and you'll be thankful for it after the greasy meal.

Claypot BKT, mixed meat

And true to words, a thick black broth with aromatic whiff of Chinese wine arrived at the table - looking so different from our simple BKT back home, Singapore. We had chosen a "mixed meat" pot which consists of an unusual mix of pork belly, pig's trotters, ribs and pig's tail!?  

Or you could order an entire pot of ribs only. Regardless, the fried bean curd that topped the pot was special, and tasted good as it got semi-soften by the warm soup. How do we like the soup?

Pig's Kidney

The Pig's kidney pot probably give you a better picture of the soup. Yes, it was this black. If nobody tells us, we would have took this for a braised soup dish with herbal essences. Seems odd right? But good to try.

The kidney was firm and clearly odourless with nice crunchy bite.

Pork Nerve

Clear soup from the pork nerve appeared to be our Singapore version of BKT but tasted like peppery Pig's stomach soup to be exact. Pork nerve was simply sliced pork meat with the nerve cut - that looked and tasted like firmer fats. 

Mustard Greens (Mui Choy)

I like their Mui Choy.

Braised Tau Pok

Blanched Vegetables with Oyster Sauce

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