Tuesday, August 2, 2011

谭鱼头, Tanyoto Steamboat Buffet

Having read not too good reviews on Tanyoto steamboat buffet, i had my doubts cos we knew authentically prepared China cuisine may not go down well with everyone - so let's have a look and i could give you a guided tour.

You maybe interested to see this list of the lunch buffet steamboat menu; usual of $25.80++ per pax includes Plum juice, free-flow. But we're on a UOB bank exclusive Groupon $18 per pax promotion that doesn't include drinks.

Dipping Sauce Table

Service staffs were all friendly; after ordering the soup base of Tanyoto's peppery Mala & Tomato soup, they asked to be excused while they prepared to serve up the steamboat with some of their selected dishes for us to start the meal - that's nice.

I then went to concoct my dipping sauce for the steamboat. If you don't know what to do, there's a simple instruction on the wall of the type of standard mixes; but you definitely want to include the Sesame sauce which is a customary dip, our favourite too.

Cold Dishes: Chicken Brine, 盐水鸡

Cold Dishes: Cold Bean Jelly, 川北凉粉

Having "Cold dishes" or 凉菜 served at the beginning of the meal is part of China's dinning etiquette. It works as an appetiser or a "welcoming dishes" here. Be sure to order the Cucumber with Garlic sauce (蒜泥黄瓜), a chill and refreshing tidbits. Then you are really to start the hotpot.

Golden Straw Mushrooms, Fishballs, Prawns, Sichuan Dumplings, Quail Eggs... 

Beef Fillet,  Pork Fillet, Luncheon Meat, Tang-O vegetable.

This was our first round of serving! And they were all good, seriously. Ric enjoyed the canned Luncheon meat slices cooked in the Mala spiced broth, and so does my brother and wife. Haha... silly ;) But it's actually quite addictive.

Fish Head, 秘制鱼头 (limited to 1 order per table)

Tanyoto was not named in vain for their fish heads specialties. The beautiful raw fish head was cooked, stop-watch timed, removed promptly and served on our plate!

You see a picture of only the fish collar? Cos i've already finished up the head; sucking clean all the soft fine meat and thick, transparent gelatinous fats or fish jello! Whatever you called that, but fish head lovers like me would be all smiles :D

For the second order list for steamboating, we recommend you have the Cuttlefish Paste, Soaked Cuttlefish, Homemade Beef Balls and Sweet Potato Vermicelli. All must have!

On the hindsight, we should have select a light broth to go with the strong Mala; having 2 heavy tasting soup makes everything taste alike towards the end of the meal. 

Ice Jelly, 冰粉

The piquantly spicy meal should left you thirsting for chill cold desserts. Had each of the 2 on the menu and we much preferred the Aloe to the Ice Jelly. Ice Jelly sweeten with Gula Melaka don't sits well with us, but you may like?

A sure bet would be the refreshing Aloe with lots of Osmanthus fragrans flowers!

Aloe Vera with Honey, 芦荟挂花蜜


Nic Ang said...

cool.... canned Luncheon meat slices cooked in the Mala spiced broth is highly addictive! Try it at home!

think you will like this website too www.singeat.com

Beary said...

I quit taking fatty luncheon meat for diet reason until Mom bought 'Black Pepper Luncheon meat' can from the brand of Golden Bridge, a product of Singapore.

VERY addictive. Can't redeem myself :)