Wednesday, November 4, 2009

兴法, Xing Fa Seafood - Crab

'Hear say' the Crab here (Blk 631, Bedok Reservoir Rd.) is cheap and very good. So packing it home for family to indulge in.

Sadly, it was far from it.

Chili Crab ($25 per crab)

Butter Crab ($25 per crab)

Several complains on the lack in the expected robustness of the meat texture, smallness of the Crab, dryness of roe and the soupy Chili mix.

This Cze Char prove to have done much better.

So since when did my interest in Crab reignite?
Since the BBQ Crab session with our good friend here, at the start of this year.

You have any recommendation for me?
Grateful :)

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