Tuesday, June 13, 2017

德利饭糜, Teck Ee Porridge & Rice

Steamed Fish Tail with Fermented Black Beans

Late lunch. And I was having one of my pangs - I just want plain porridge. So Ric drove around a few of our popular places, but they were all closed. Happy as a lark when Teck Ee, on Joo Chiat Rd came in sight! They are right next to the popular Dunman Hawker Centre actually.

The choice of dishes is aplenty here! And scrumptious. This is surely one of the better Teochew porridge stalls around. Now we have another on the list to go.

Fried Egg with Preserved Radish, Celery with Pig's Skin, Teochew Fishcake, Bitter gourd with Egg. 2 x plain porridge. ($13.50)

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