Wednesday, November 16, 2016

稳稳白米粉, Woon Woon Pek Bee Hoon

LaLa + Clayfish White Bee Hoon (M, $15)

This is supposedly our first 'white bee hoon' - where vermicelli was stir fried to achieve that wok-hei fragrance before cooking in a seafood broth. A signature dish that is fast gaining popularity in Singapore's many hawker centres.

The soup first hit us as being a little fishy, but was soon forgotten as we got used to it, and were busy slurping everything up! 3 crayfishes, 6 clams (with 1 being spoiled), lots of white cabbages and crispy pork lard was satisfying. We had wished they could be a little generous with their serving of the vermicelli, which was done with a good wok hei.

If you like what you see here, this is Woon Woon (#01-54) at the Changi Village Food Centre. Our first, and it certainly makes me fall for this thing called 'white bee hoon'.

Within the week, we went back for their LaLa and prawns set.

LaLa + Prawns White Bee Hoon (M, $9)

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Beary said...

Revisit again last Saturday night, and found they have increased their serving of vermicelli per plate. This is great! We felt really well fed. And the soup broth tasted even more robust tonight.