Tuesday, November 15, 2016

呀侖街粿汁, Garden Street Kway Chap since 1950s

Braised Platter for 2 - Braised Bean Curd, Fried Fishcake, Braised Pork, Braised Intestines,
Pig's Skin, Pig's Stomach, Braised Egg. ($6.50)

Flavor of old food. I believe it is not simply by following a certain recipe that you could concoct the taste of old food. It can be a secret ingredient, the use of certain kitchen utensils, or even a decade old braising sauce. Such taste is priceless.

This is what Garden Street Kway Chap in Serangoon Garden Market offers - the taste of nostalgia. We can't describe it, we just knew it. Its Teochew fried fish cake, flavorsome braised meat and the uncommon braised pig's stomach. I thoroughly enjoy this seemingly simple meal.

Their rice kway chap is the softest, and most delicate we've tried. And i thought grandma would find it so easy to eat this.

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