Saturday, March 5, 2016

全记, Chuan Kee Boneless Braised Duck

Mixed Platter for Two -Boneless Duck Meat, Braised Beancurd, Egg, Peanuts, Duck's Liver and Gizzard,
 1 Noodle, 1 Porridge, 1 Rice ($16)

Originally from Chong Pang City Market and Food Centre at Yishun Ring Rd, Chuan Kee has restarted their operation at the newly renovated Ghim Moh Food Centre. And boy! The place was crowded, with long queues at so many of the popular stalls; and this is one of them with a 30 mins wait in line.

Nice gooey porridge, albeit the overly generous braised sauce, which proved too much salted. The noodle was a personal craving while the dark rice was nicely fragrant.

If you are alone, get their $3 plate which includes a good amount of boneless duck meat, braised peanuts, half a braised egg and some braised beancurd - such good deal we saw from other tables!

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