Tuesday, December 22, 2015

(Malin+Goetz) Apothecary and Lab. New York

Complimentary Tube Samples for Qantas Business Customers

It was year-end spring cleaning that got me to finish the Malin and Goetz sample tubes.

As promised, the face moisturizer and hand+body lotion are the non-sticky type that effectively coats the skin to protect yet doesn't feel a tad clinging or heavy. I emptied the entire tube of oil-free body lotion in 1 application; and the man who is in dire of gummy rubs, approves it. This is seriously one of the best that doesn't melt on you in the Tropics.

I adore its natural scents that quickly evaporate - it feels free and clean; not having to worry about stains on the clothes that will smell. The lotion causes zero epidermal irritation on my occasional sensitive skin, it feels really easy. Even when a speck of it sprayed into my eye, the stink quickly subsided!

A check on their website however, brought back the reality of cost for such exemplary product.

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