Saturday, December 5, 2015

九鲜, Nine Fresh Desserts Taiwan

黑糖芦荟仙草冻 Grass Jelly Special ($2) - with Taro Balls, Aloe Vera Pearl Jelly, Black Sugar Jelly Dice and Milk Ball
QQ蒟蒻黑白冻 QQ Konjac Special ($2.50) - with Bean Curd, Taro Balls (2 Servings) and Konjac Jelly

Nine Fresh Dessert is getting the guys hook. Their favorite being the slightly bitter Taiwanese grass jelly, served in black sugar syrup with popping Aloe Vera pearls (Yes, those greenish tadpole eggs you are looking at!). They had also begun requesting for top-up of taro balls! That's guys for you. They do love desserts.

I prefer a mixture of the Taiwanese beancurd and grass jelly; enjoying the best of both worlds. The beancurd is especially smooth, soft and bouncy, all at the same time. So can you actually tell which was mine?

八宝仙草冻 Eight Treasures Grass Jelly ($2) - With Taro Balls, Mixed bean and Milk Ball
九鲜招牌 Nine Fresh Signature ($2.50) - With Bean Curd, Grass Jelly, Taro Balls, Red Bean, Green Bean, Pinto Bean, and Peanut
(Every order of Grass Jelly comes with 1 Milk Ball Capsule)

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