Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Natural Fertilizing with Worm Castings - Easy!

This is how all my planting pots look like - you see no more of the soil surfaces, for they are fully piled up with dried leaves. Beneath the layer of dried leaves lay our kitchen scraps of mainly banana skins, apple, carrot peels and odd vegetables ends; all waiting to decay and become feed for my earthworms! I love them for their visible benefits to the plants!   

Since each of my planting pots act as a worm bin, i save the trouble of having to harvest worm casting and had the worms help loosening up my hardened potting soil. This is more straight forward than Composting.

And where do you get the worms? They are there. Always there, in your potting soil, surviving on any organic matters that's left in the soil and the watering liquid. When you start taking care and feeding them, you would see them getting fatten up and leaving you their precious faeces for your gardening without artificial fertilizers... :) 

But in most cases, our soil might just consist of thinly, small red wrigglers with poor appetite. So we bought fresh worm casting and spread them among the plants. Worm cocoons in the poo poo contain between 2 and 10 eggs that will hatch within 2 weeks! 

Start feeding your pot NOW!

Dark, grainy sized Earthworms' casting left after feeding

One of my 2mm fat worm, trying to escape from the lights.

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