Saturday, January 31, 2015

Banned Firecrackers in Singapore!

Firecrackers display rack along Eu Tong Sen Street, in front People's Park Complex 

32 years ban of fire crackers in Singapore was finally lifted in 2004 for the opening ceremony of Chinatown Chinese New Year celebration. You could imagine the crowd that gathers during that first few years to catch the annual event!

That's why, we only thought of coming this year; a good 10 years late.

Guess i'm not the only one. Somebody in the crowd just exclaimed that they too, missed the firecracker rolls, hung from an overhead line, just right in front of our eyes. Yah, we don't recognize firecrackers. Just like so many young Singaporean who didn't know what is chewing gums.

After combustion, some firecrackers caught fire and was put out by extinguishers.

Big! Bang! Boom!

Suddenly at 9pm, the firecrackers set out a thunderous roar, cracking up by itself through remote operation! Oh, we didn't know you could do that. Hahaha... I was startled! And had to cover both ears! It was great! But we just missed the photo moments of 10 short seconds. Following, more firecrackers on People's Park Complex building goes off!

It felt wonderful, when all fireworks were done; when red and golden paper shredding flew and descended from the sky, littering the ground. Love firecrackers.

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