Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sichuan Mala Fragrant Pot, 麻辣香锅

We are always enthusiastic to trying out new food in the neighborhood hawker centre; particularly foreign cuisines which look appetizing from the patronizing tables. But sometimes, we didn't know what or how to order!

Sheepishly, we asked the stall owner, "What is this that you have? How do we order? How do we eat it? Which are the popular ingredients to have?" And now we know that 'hot pot' doesn't always implied steamboat.  

Our ala-carte for 2 pax, with 1 rice ($11.90)

The friendly hawker at the Alexandra Village Food Centre recommends the beef tripe, cabbage and instant noodle pack that we missed; while Ric got down to picking up as many varieties of food as he can.

Our selection - beef, pork, cuttlefish, enoki mushroom, king mushroom, shimeji mushroom, beancurd skin, taupok, pig's skin, spinach vegetable, black fungus, lotus roots, mung bean sprouts, instant noodle pack and my favorite thick vermicelli (濑粉)!

Vegetables               $0.80/ 100g
Meat Type               $2.50/ 100g
Fungus Type           $1.80/ 100g
Seafood Type          $3.00/ 100g
Minimum amount to order is $4.

The hawker weighs our selection with us, then proceed to cook and spicy up the dish with Mala sauce, spring onions, sesame seeds and roasted peanuts! This big bowl of mildest spice level is hot enough for us to douse ourselves with chilled sugarcane drinks and still numb our lips! At the same time, the taste is novel and temptingly spicy - we couldn't stop eating!

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