Friday, December 26, 2014

Mookata Steamboat at Rattana Thai

Was intriguing to start our first Thai Mookata BBQ steamboat at Rattana Thai after getting a 
Deal voucher at $19.90 (Add $2 for service charge payable to merchant) meal set for 2 pax. For big eaters, we don't think the portion of food is filling enough.

Seafood Menu 
Marinated Fish Slices
3 Tiger Prawns
Whole Squid
3 New Zealand Green Mussels
Chicken Sausages
Free Flow Authentic Tom Yam Soup
Green vegetables Platter: Cai Sim, Cabbage, Kangkong.
2 Fresh Eggs
Vermicelli / Glass Noodles
Soft Egg Tofu
Imitation Crab meat Sticks
Straw Golden Mushrooms

Inclusive Ala carte dishes:
Mango Salad
Deep Fried Calamari
Top Shell with Rattana seasoning

Ala Carte: Mango Salad, Deep Fried Calamari and Top Shell with Rattana seasoning

We enjoyed cooking the fresh ingredient in their Tom Yum Soup base, but towards the end of the meal, everything start tasting the same, and gets salty. On the hindsight, we should have just request for a top-up of plain hot water for the soup base to water things down.

Quite wonderfully, the 3 ala carte appetizers that came free with our deal actually taste great - the Mango salad and the Top Shell. It got us coveting - that their ala carte kitchen would serve us better than an all Tom Yam soup steamboat.

Now, camera off. As we start our steamboat with a rub of oil with a fat lemongrass stem; instead of pork lard!

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