Monday, April 16, 2012

Three Wombats Cafe

Long long ago, we drove by Kim Keat Rd and caught sight of a really cute "Three Little Cats" signboard! "Hey! Wat's that? A cafe? Cats?" And i was trying to distract the driver from the busy traffic... 

Cream Mushrooms Soup, large ($3.90)

The Three Wombats Cafe that is. And we are here for a discounted set lunch with Gobblerdeals.

Country Herbed Chicken ($13.90)

Pumpkin Chop Chop ($12.90)

There wasn't much surprises with the food that were made for lighter palate; with the exception of a salted gravy for our roasted bird, too much salt in fact. The pasta was not al dente and was weighted in with pumpkin sauce.

Cafe Latte ($4.20), Cappuccino ($4.20)

We had wished for the coffee serving to save the lunch flop - being impressed with their heavy professional-looking coffee machine. However, it's the coffee art that came to the rescue of the faintly smooth coffee.

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