Sunday, April 29, 2012

Vietnamese Lotus Seed

Roasted Lotus Seed, 500g (S$10)

Nic was back from a work week in Vietnam and specially visited us tonight with a pack of Vietnamese popular local product - seeds of fresh-water Lotus flower.

It has a aromatic crunch and is tasty... Ummm... a texture like dried red dates but much firmer and tougher, like nuts. 'Tis an interesting buy from Vietnam which would cost you double to triple the price to purchase the rare snack in Singapore.

The Chinese especially adores these seeds for its medical values - high in protein, benefiting the spleen, kidney, heart and improving conditions of sexual, insomnia, venereal diseases, diarrhea. Even the bitter embryo within the seeds that were usually removed before processing is believed to be beneficial.

But how much of these properties were retained after the roasting process? We just popped them like popcorn snack into our mouths ;)

Salt roasted Cashews with skin

As a bonus tips - these ugly salted cashews from Vietnam is terrific too! 

They looked ugly because the testa, skin of the nuts were not removed for the roasting. But this is good! The texture is so fine, you don't taste them and it helps increase the antioxidants in the nuts. This is special treat. Must buy back, ok!


Anonymous said...

I love them too! Do you know where I can buy them in Singapore?

Beary said...

I heard there are those small vendor at B2 of Takashimaya that sell these. But expect to pay a bit more.