Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Top Beef Brisket

Our last visit here at 一哥牛腩 was in June '08! We had our fingers crossed and pray that the modest little stall at Level 4 of the Marina Food Loft is still in operation.

Beef Hor Fan ($3.80)

Smooth, slippery Hor Fan noodles with thick succulent Braised Beef slices.

Mixed Beef Assortment Rice Set ($5)

Everything was well-braised, flavorful yet provides that chewy sensation to each bite. Spicy-sour chili dip heightens our enjoyment. And sweet Beef soup was served with each of our order.

If you loved Braised Beef like we do, you should be here to support this Hong Kong stall. Pricing was reasonable as serving was large.

It was much value for money and in fact, tastier than our usual economic Campus fare in NTU!

1 comment:

Beary said...

It's a really pity, this store had ceased operation in recent months.

Anyone know where they have moved to?