Thursday, November 6, 2008

Super Plant Activator

I was introduced to this mild gardening fertilizer from Daiso, the Japanese $2 shop by my colleague after my lamenting to her that my Gloxinia plant wasn't doing too well, on the verge of wilting actually, with yellowing leaves.

This is despite having sufficient sun lighting; i was helpless.

She then offered me an ampoule that's a life-saver; my 2 Gloxinia plants recovered with green leaves and flowered within 2 weeks from application!

I had then sought out Vivo City Daiso for a buy but they have run out of stock. This box of the fertilizer that contains Amino Acid and Vitamin B Complex was a surprise present from her :)

The box reads: Ideal for infusing 1 ampoule every 2-3 weeks.

For use in such cases:
1. Slow growing
2. Often catches disease
3. Color of flowers & leaves are dull
4. Getting little sunshine
5. Wilting due to transplant shock

I had administered an ampoule for my plants before my 2 weeks overseas trip, and had sadly thought they might have wilted by the time i returned cos no one was watering them during my absence.

And boy was i glad that they survived and had since grown new budlet. I hope to post their healthy flowering blooms soon.

Fingers X.

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