Saturday, January 7, 2017

源源, Yuan Yuan Claypot Rice

Claypot Rice ($10, for 2 pax)

Yuan Yuan at the ABC Brickworks Food Centre is one of the claypot rice stall listed on The Business Times & Knight Frank CEO's Hawker Guide, and one which we have yet to try. They are also popular in their home made boiled soup of - watercress, old cucumber, lotus roots, Szechuan vegetable or peanuts. All of it, were sold out by this hour.

Entering the hawker centre, the aromatic whiff of charcoal and sizzling food immediately hit you. And if like us, you have yet decided what to have, the nice smelling cooking from Yuan Yuan sealed your fate. After a wait of 20 mins, dinner was served.

This is a much smaller portion of rice and chicken when we compare them with the others. The dark soy sauce was added by the hawker, and all we have to do was stir up everything and eat. Pork and liver sausage, flossy salted fish and flavorful burned rice at the bottom of the pot which isn't too hard to chew on. What's really remarkable was their succulent chicken - even the thick breast meat tastes especially toothsome.

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