Friday, January 13, 2017

顺记, SK Seafood Soup

Crayfish and Prawn Soup ($10.50)
Add $1 for Batang Fish and $0.50 for rice. 

Many such crayfish seafood soup stalls seem to congregate in the Woodlands area, but we haven't found one soup that we really fancy. Today we were at Shuan Ji, in the Marsiling Lane Market & Cooked Food Centre. Not to be confused with Sin Kee seafood soup, at the adjacent kopitiam.

The soup tasted similar to Sin Kee though. But the crayfish here is beautifully orange, unlike Sin Kee's. Price is fair for 1.5 pieces of crayfish and 3 fresh prawns. The added dollar serving of Batang fish was aplenty!

Not bad at all, and the search continues.

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