Saturday, January 14, 2017

蒸得好, Steamed Meat and Boiled Soup

White Rice ($0.50) and Coarse Rice ($0.60) are available.

There was a craving for less oil, less salt, healthy food tonight. And while the braised beef stall wasn't opened, we noticed this popular stall (#01-108) in the ABC Brickworks Food Centre for their steamed meat and soup. Let's try.

The steam pork ribs has a nice fragrant of fermented black beans, and are surprisingly lightly salted. Nice. The chicken soup is yellowish looking! and tasted different from our usual; the flavor of cordecep flowers is strong in this one. The layer of clear, translucent oil on top of the soup should not deter you, for such is natural goodness. 

It was while waiting for our food, that Ric noticed their specialties to be actually steamed pork patty ($3.50) and herbal chicken ($6). Will try them out, soon.

Steamed Pork Ribs w/Black Bean Sauce ($3.50)

Cordeceps Flower Chicken Soup ($4.50)

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