Wednesday, September 14, 2016

鲜记, Sin Kee Seafood Soup, SK

Clayfish with Batang Fish ($10.50), add another $0.50 for rice.

We followed a Yahoo! food post to Sin Kee at Marsiling, while maintaining our doubts. Notice many were first time diners too, like us. It had better be good, i thought.

Food was served. And we had to compare them to Yan Ji Wei Wei, who is famous for this rendition of seafood soup. The soup at Sin Kee is easier to drink than Yan Ji's, as Yan Ji can sometimes be too salted and over-whelming. Both stalls, however, neglected their meatballs. We suspect they were left to overcook till tasteless. The only best thing is their crayfish and prawns, where you could count on natural seafood freshness.

Overall, we thought Yan Ji does it better.

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