Friday, October 28, 2016

Changi Village Food Centre

Standard Chicken Wings Set ($3.50, add $1.50 for Fried Ikan Kuning)

Changi Village has always been associated with nasi lemak. There are several good stalls here, and they are famous for their aromatic steamed rice and freshly deep fried chicken wings. It is really quite irresistible for many. The one we have today is from Changi Famous Nasi Lemak (#01-28). But my recent favourite is the homely, fresh tasting one from Orang Orang, in Bukit Batok.

Now, don't forget the iconic 'Commando dessert'. Made famous by our Commando soldiers at the nearby Hendo camp, who love to come by and order it for the whole table! Nearly every dessert stalls here serve it, and this dessert is unique to Changi Village only.

Red Tea Jelly with Longan, the "Commando Dessert" ($2)

You may wish to skip the soggy fried Hokkien mee we had. Curb whatever your cravings. Order instead a plate of savory fried kway tiao, or the well charred Chinese rojak with zesty lime juice in its dressing! You would thank me for it.

For more eats from the Changi Village, please type in 'Changi Village Food Centre' in the search box located at the right column of this blog. Eat your way out :)

Lai Xiang Rojak, #01-65 ($3)

Xiang Xiang Char Kway Teow, #01-58 ($3.50) 

Changi Village Fried Hokkien Mee, #01-53 ($3)

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