Monday, October 10, 2016

W Kitchen Western Food!

Pork Cutlet ($6)

This is like a pretty Christmas platter - the colorful and generous chilled salad in vinegary dressing, as a side dish. We felt pampered. And no western food in any hawker centre has ever done this before; at such affordable price and big portion of meat!

We were at (stall, #01-33) the Changi Village Food Centre. I have never liked too much meat in a meal, but the pork cutlets here just seems to be really good. I do miss it.

The steak and fish fillet however, disappoint. The beef was a little over tenderized, giving it a texture of a burger patty. We prefer our steak with that flavorsome grind. The dory fillet has an unpleasant taste that i'm sensitive with; it may be a result from the shared oil? We can't tell.

Despite the hit and misses, we are looking forward to revisit them for their signature pork chop, garlic chicken chop or the salmon teriyaki!

Pan Seared Beef Steak ($7.50)

Fish & Chips ($5.80)

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