Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bodum - The Original Prench Press

Bodum Bistro Nouveau, 0.35ltr. ($22)

Lately, i realised how instant coffee pack gave me a racing heart rate and stimulates the nervous system. While good coffee beans doesn't. Thick coffee from our Kopitiam or the Starbucks and McCafe are safe for me.

Making coffee for one person is troublesome if I'm using a coffee machine. That's when the Bodum coffee maker comes in conveniently. The coffee maker is actually a heat-resistant glass cup with a stainless stain press filter. I could purchase my choice of coarse coffee grounds from the supermarket (using Boncafe here), add a teaspoon of it and sugar. Pour in hot water and stir; press down after at least 4 mins of seating. No worry of gritty coffee when you pour out the coffee into a separate cup for drinking. That does it.

Cleaning is easy too. And i save the coffee grounds, for my garden. No plastic capsules, no wastage. This is good.

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