Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hollywood Braised Duck Rice (Lian Kee)

Braised Duck Platter - Duck meat, Duck's Liver, Braised Pork, Egg, Beancurd. 
2 Braised Rice, 1 Porridge, 1 Kway Chap. ($14.10)

Lian Kee Brasied Duck was since 1976. After the closure of the Hin Hollywood Canteen in Aug 2011, it moved to the Sims Vista Market and Food Centre and renamed itself to 'Hollywood'. Now they are next-door to another very well-known braised duck stall, the Tai Dong Duck Rice. Yet business has been brisk.

The most outstanding item from our platter remains with the braised duck meat. It was most succulent. Ignore the duck's liver and braised pork that has been left cold and hard on the serving tray. It is unappetizing. The braising rice is visually appealing, but does little for flavour. Another good option would be their fine gooey porridge and slurping kway chap.

Between Hollywood and Tai Dong, our choice is obvious.

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