Monday, August 8, 2016

成基黑鸡补品, Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup

It was 20 years ago when we last visited the famous Seng Kee Kidney Mee Sua at 511 Market & Food Centre, Bedok North Street 3. We never patronize their main branch at Kembangan (Changi), which has a history of 50 years! Because we love coming back to where we started with Seng Kee.

And 20 years do lots to our taste buds. I guess we matured and learn to appreciate good soup. The 2 soup types which we ordered today were actually of the same soup base. But without the addition of Mee Sua (a type of salted wheat noodle) to the Pig's organ soup, we thought the taste was so much clearer and concentrated! It was mouth watering, as i recalled.

Pig's Organ Soup, with Rice ($4.50)

Pig's Kidney Mee Sua ($4, includes Pig's Liver and Lean Meat)

We didn't know their signature black chicken soup isn't available for lunch, only for dinner. So we ordered their steamed fish and were recommended to add some chili to it. Sounded ok, but we had only expected some sliced chili padi and not a messy plate of tomato chili gravy, overpowering any freshness of the steamed fish.

Stay safe. Just go for their herbal soup.

Steamed Fish Tail, Chili ($26)

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