Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Durian Degustation 2016

Countryside Durians ($2 each)

We grew up eating cheap and good countryside durians - those unbranded, with large seeds and thin flesh. But when my experienced uncles and aunts went for the buy, we can be guaranteed of some pungent, bitter and thick flesh ones! From the bulk of cheap $2 durians, they could simply pick out the best from the lot!

For a rare treat, we go for some branded durians.

Golden Phoenix ($18)

1. BLK 494 JURONG WEST ST. 41, 4th AUG 2016 (Thu)

This popular fruit stall in Jurong is well known. You can't miss it. The stall extends its serving stations, with the crowd swarming around it. We picked up some 7 boxes, and the Golden Phoenix was the smallest seeded and lightest tasting of the lot.

The cheapest Sultan King was surprisingly bitter, pungent, and almost spicy but large seed. The Mao Shan King was sweetly pungent and small seeded. Everyone voted Sultan King as the value buy.

King of Mountain Cat ($18)

Sultan King ($12)

2. BLK 698 HOUGANG AVE. 8, 21st AUG 2016 (Sun)

We picked up 4 durians of King of Kings from Hougang when we saw the popularity of the stall. King was as small seeded as the Golden Phoenix, bittersweet and ice-cream creamy. But the aroma doesn't stay long on your palate once you have finished. It's a little disappointing. 

王中王, King of Kings ($15)

3. 龙帝 DURIAN KING, 23rd AUG 2016 (Tue)

Then, our largest haul of the season from Long Di at Jurong West. We bought 2 fruits of everything. (Only 1 is pictured.) Their Red Prawn is softly creamy and has a bitterness so strong, it chokes the throat! Love it.

Black Pearl is bitter and as tiny seeded as the Golden Phoenix, but mild tasting. Both of our D24 are fibrous. And after all the creamy, melting durians we had, the D24 was simply being chucked aside. 

As always, the King Cat is immaculate.

D24 XO ($10/Kg)

Red Prawn ($10/Kg)

太元, Black Pearl ($12/Kg)

King of Mountain Cat ($12/Kg)

4. 龙帝 DURIAN KING, 29th AUG 2016 (Mon)

Thought we had enough of this season, but a promotional $10 King Cat lured us back to the stall. And all 4 of the King Cat were good - dry skinned and melting creamy within. It was very enjoyable.

When we see that the D24 is so popular with many customers, we gave it another try. Bought 2. They were slightly less fibrous, but 1 turned out to be an 'unripe potato'.

Pahang, King of Mountain Cat (1 for $10, limited)

Highland, D24 ($9/kg)

5. 龙帝 DURIAN KING, 1st SEP 2016 (Thu)

The boss apologized for the 'unripe potato' and offered a D101 for a replacement. FOC. As according to him, sometimes the D101 was named the Sultan durian. And boy! It was good. The flesh was thick, creamy and pungently bittersweet.

As per our previous visit, the seller advised us against their promotional $10 MSW, King Cat. But we had a good experience of the King Cat on the previous night and proceeded with another 3 buys. This time, 2 turned out tasteless. The 1 in the picture below is the good one.

Super D101 ($10/kg) - the pale yellow
Pahang, King of Mountain Cat (1 for $10, limited) - the dark yellow

Off the list, there is a box of durian uncle sent us from the durian plantation in Johor Bahru. I missed a photo of it because of its unappetizing pale color of almost milk-like. 

Yet, it was one of the best we had this season - bittersweet, pungent, thick flesh and tiny seeded. It is without a brand name.

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