Tuesday, July 26, 2016

大中 (山仔顶), Tai Dong Teochew Duck Rice

Braised Duck, Duck's Gizzard, and Pig's Ear + Rice + Stewed Cabbage ($13 for 2 Pax)

Where exactly is 'Shan Zai Ding' (山仔顶) that the signboard reads? It is near to the old Boat Quay area, more commonly known as the 'Chai Chuan Tou' (柴船头). Both names were used in our parents' generation. (山仔顶) is the Chulia Street/ South Canal Road now. Many of our now famous, traditional Teochew street food originate from the old Boat Quay area. It was there, where Teochew hawkers congregate, bartering their trades in olden Singapore.

Tai Dong is one such hawker established since 1981. And we were humbled to taste their extraordinary braised duck today. It is savory and of utter fragrance when you bite into the slightly toughen texture of the meat; there is so much character! Yet, you have not tasted the best till you dunk into their specially concocted chili sambal. Then, savor the high grade soya sauce used in their braising gravy by drizzling it generously over the bowl of steaming rice. The last tip is that you order their Teochew stewed cabbage.

We finished the meal, reminiscing the 'old' taste of food that we had once thought was lost... Thank God, it hasn't.

Teochew Stewed Cabbage with Pig's Skin

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