Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fish and Chicks

Fish & Chips ($6.90)

Fish & Chicks is one new favorite on social media, so i tend to revolt it. I am skeptical because such trendy food for the young just might not suit an auntie's taste.

There was no more queue at the stall, and we obtained our food promptly. We did not pay the $3 extra for top ups of their salted egg or chili crab sauce; we prefer our fillets crisp and fresh. And i think we made the right choice.

Because of the similar pricing, we can't help comparing the fish fillets with that from Long JS and the Manhattan Fish. Fish & Chicks definitely win hands down against LJS. Their Dory is fresher and juicier. And the batter less salted. The onion rings are real stuff too, and the fries satisfy. But LJS has much better tartar sauce with pickle relish, than the floury, tasteless one here. For a meatier affair, try the Manhattan.

By hawker centre standards, however, Fish & Chicks is impressive.

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