Saturday, July 16, 2016

Supper @ 飘香小吃

Porridge ($1), Economic Bee Hoon Mee ($1)

This is a very late dinner at nine-thirty pm. Many food stalls are now closed, but i know people in the West flocked to supper at the Tanglin Halt Market Food Centre. Still, the queue at 'Piao Xiang Xiao Chi' jolted me. I was reminded of the scene here in 2014 (when I first visited the stall) where waiting diners rushed to form a queue, as soon as the stall lighted up at 6pm!

In truth, the food is nondescript. It tasted like how mum would have whipped up at home. It tasted home-cooked. And i guess, people just love how seasoning is kept in check here. This is, after all, a light meal after all the partying.

Some warm green bean soup and porridge to comfort the rumbling tummy; glutinous rice and fried vermicelli noodle to fill the void. Add savory fried chicken wings, fish cakes and stuffs to satisfy your gluttony. Then you are all warm fuzzy for a good night's sleep. Just don't overeat.

Fried Chicken Wings

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