Saturday, April 18, 2015

Teochew Kueh - melting in the mouth!

Mushroom Rice kueh ($0.80), Mushroom Soon Kueh ($0.70), 'Gu Cai' Kueh ($0.70)

Melting in the mouth Teochew kueh at Sims Vista Food Centre, stall 01-23. Not everybody appreciate the texture that you could easily crush between your tongue and palate; but we really thought our old pioneers might rejoice in this, for they have such weaker bite. Personally, we would prefer the chewy version.

For the price, these were palm-sized large and definitely affordable. Its strong aroma of dried shrimp and fried garlic entices you, and fillings were generous. But their use of MSG is something we can't ignore; therefore, just maybe we will return for more.

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