Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Saboten Treat

Saboten Signature Special ($28++), Tenderloin Katsu ($24++)

Planned a good dinner at Saboten Changi Airport to reward the man for work. The thought of getting away from the city crowd, and imagining we were boarding a plane to somewhere, elevated that sense of liberty. To reach the safe haven, we braved the unexpected island-wide torrential rain.

Good things are worth the effort surely.

As much as we were assured of enjoying their signature Tenderloin Katsu, i couldn't get pass their oleaginous salmon fillet and large shrimp. Thus a Saboten Signature Special set to share seems befitting.

(A phone call interrupted our dinner, leaving it cold - the company might just land itself a renewal of contract. That kept the tired man, happy. And possibly a good night sleep :)

Saboten Signature Special - breaded Salmon, breaded shrimp, a half-size loin and a crab cream croquette

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