Saturday, February 7, 2015

驰名西餐, No. 1 Western Food

Pork Chop ($5)

Chicken Chop ($5)

Yay, we all know about famous "Chef Hainanese Western Food" at Blk 1A, Tanglin Halt Food Centre, but since they only open sharply at 6-thirty pm, and we were early, we could only turn to "No.1 Western Food" who is already up and serving, with a queue! 

The chicken chop was mediocre, but you could really give their pork chop a spin - i marveled its taste of a good roasted pork belly! With BBQ smokiness and lusciousness of a red meat slab. Just be warned that their simple sides only consist of thick cucumbers, tomatoes slices, fries and canned baked beans.   

I'll try their much faves about Chicken Cutlet, next. 

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