Saturday, February 7, 2015

Neo Garden Catering

Neo's Deluxe B Menu ($15.99+ per pax)

Had always wanted to try out Neo Garden Catering again, because of their familiar surname; wouldn't you do such thing?

Food presentation and table arrangement were this pretty and neat that our expectations rose - Sin Chow Bee Hoon/ Thai Pineapple Rice, Chap Chye with Black Fungus, Cereal Fish, Signature Curry Chicken, Crispy Butter Prawn, Sotong You Tiao, Yam Ring with Prawn and Ice Jelly with Cocktail. We were silently hoping that none of them tasted too salty. But alas, wonder which of these pretty dishes gave us that after-MSG effect - so thirsty!

It is commendable that they uses 100% biodegradable paper/ plastic utensils.

Chap Chye with Black Fungus

Crispy Butter Prawn

Yam Ring with Prawn

Sotong You Tiao

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Beary said...

Attended another buffet with Neo Garden. The food still left us dry and very thirsty. We had Tomato Pasta, Butter Raisin Rice, Broccoli w Mushrooms, Baked Chicken, Breaded Dory Fish, Fried Dumpling and Braised Chicken in Bun.