Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bonsoy - best taste of packaged soy milk!

Organic Bonsoy, 1 litre ($8.95) 

Bonsoy is my best tasting packaged Soya milk! This Japan product comes with a heftier price tag too. But it sure tastes good - natural, full bodied with a subtle sweetness which further enhances its mellow aroma. I thought it is only second rated to mum's fresh grated ones from home.

If you aren't into fancy health terms like 'organic' or 'non-genetically modified' in your food list, try the NTUC Fairprice housebrand fresh Soya milk (1 litre, reduced sugar, priced at S$1.55) from the supermart chilled section. Be surprised by its richer 'beany' flavor when compared with other premium branding that is costing more.

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