Saturday, November 23, 2013

陈年老桔, Essence Lime with Liquorice

三叔公, Essence Lime with Liquoorice (RM$22, 800g)

The weighty bottle of San Shu Gong Lime syrup sat on the kitchen shelf and does not draw any interest after Dad bought it home, prettily wrapped. One day, Sis came down with a nasty cough and thought it tasted really nice after i made her some - i was marinating freshly cut Aloe Vera with the thicken lime syrup.

Today, i am doing the Aloe again. Recovering from my Flu, the dry throat and bitter mouth-feel made me craves for the bitter-sweet-sourish drink. Actually, i hate Liquorice (甘草) in confectionery, but this is really tasty.

The precious bottle, now seats in the fridge.

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