Friday, November 15, 2013

Nando's Chicken

Nando's 1/4 Chicken, with choice of 2 sides ($13.90++)

Nando's is all about their signature flame-grilled Portuguese Chicken that was marinated for 24hrs in Piri Piri sauce and then basted in your choice of Peri-Peri flavors - mild, hot, extra hot and lemon with herbs.

We were having the mild spice level and the lemon with herbs. For such lightness, the sweetness and aroma of the juicy grilled chicken is distinct; which i thought was commendable. Howbeit, the rustic temperament of the good chicken makes eating it in sit-down restaurant, unreal - it would have been cool to serve this in a less formal setting, an alfresco laid-back eatery, perhaps. Then you get to suck the juices off the chicken bones!

Sides of Chips, Mediterranean rice, Potato wedges and coleslaw for making it a meal, weren't worth the mention.

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