Friday, December 7, 2018

Mama Thai, 泰国小厨

Thai Style Fried Fish with Thai Sauce ($23)

At Woodlands 888 Plaza, next to the 7-Eleven store, there's a newly opened Thai Kitchen offering economic lunch set (range of fried rice/ noodle set from $4-5) and zhi char. We went for both. But would honestly recommend only their zhi char. The lunch set just contain too little ingredients in them.

The fried fish and Lala shell is the must order. While we really should return to give their Pineapple fried rice ($4) and Phai Thai ($4) a try!

Thai Style LaLa ($8)
Green Curry Chicken (Set with rice/noodle, $5)

Thai Style Sambal Petai ($8)

Tom Yam Soup (Set with rice/noodle $5)

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Beary said...

This eatery has closed down.