Saturday, September 9, 2017

牛车水 祖传肉骨茶

Stall #02-124

While we hurried our steps towards famous food stalls in the Chinatown Market and Food Centre, whiff of delicious cooking often hits us. This hidden (by the column) bak kut teh stall is one. I often enjoy its herbal aroma and witness customers lugging trays of their purchase from the stall. Tonight we came specially for them.

Braised Pork Leg ($5)

It was as good as it gets. The meat falls off the ribs, the savoury pork trotters were tender and almost boneless! Superb value for the generous serving. The salted vegetable adds a delightful crunch to the all-meat meal. We wished the herbal soup can be less salted, else it was good. Made a mental note to return for their vinegary pork trotters ($6) too!

After meal, we immediately does a pack away for Dad.

Bak Kut Teh ($4)

Salted Vegetable ($1)

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