Thursday, July 20, 2017

觉世卤面, Jue Shi Lor Mee

Traditional Lor Mee ($4)

With a nice plan gone wrong, we landed ourselves in Our Tampines Hub hawker centre for a really late lunch. But looking at the strong crowd here, with queues still forming at some food stalls, we seem just in time to explode the new hawker centre.

Just when we were getting confused with the many exciting food signs, somebody walked pass with a good looking bowl of lor mee. That's it! Turning round the corner, we found the stall (01-45) with a short queue.

Getting our order, i drew in the blissful aroma of freshly fried fish, and slurped in the syrupy sauce of the lor mee. This is such homely taste! The light, no MSG braised broth is delicious. Everything coming together with the dark braised egg, braised meat and fried fish fillets.

This is a good bowl of lor mee in a long time. I'll be back.

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